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La Big Vic

La Big Vic, “Musica” MP3

Been spending a lot of time listening to This Heat lately, partially because the band’s Charles Hayward has been kicking around with Alexis Taylor in About Group, and partially because that band was awesome and … read more »

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Stream: About Group (Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Charles Hayward of This Heat, John Coxon of Spiritualized, and Pat Thomas), “Don’t Worry”

Often times when a bunch of dudes get together to form a supergroup it just ends up sounding like a bunch of egos piling into a closet and throwing their arms in the air as … read more »

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The Singles Collection – Outer Spacist, Sneakers, Silk Flowers

In this week’s Singles Collection, we visit some of the outer reaches of the sonic spectrum, with a voyage to some of the odder corners. This week’s trio of bands, two of which were reared deep in the ruddy Midwest, while the third is a gaggle of NYC miscreants, all currently plumb the depths of strange aural cocktails and willful obfuscation in their quest for, well, whatever the hell it is they’re looking for. read more »

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Hopewell Announces Details Of Good Good Desperation Release

The funny thing about Hopewell is that they have been sorely overlooked by those who like the psychedelic, dreamy pop being made by bands like Animal Collective, Dungen or to a lesser degree, Dirty Projectors, mainly because they brewed their cred in upstate New York versus Manhattan or Brooklyn. But that might change with the release of Good Good Desperation in May. read more »

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