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Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke, “Ego” + “Mirror” MP3s

The most important record in dance/dub/melancholy the moment Four Tet premiered it on his Rinse FM show with Floating Points, this Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke collaboration is stereo GOLD for the late ride … read more »

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Stream: Major Lazer’s Lazers Never Die EP

One year after Diplo and Switch released their Major Lazer collaboration, Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do, they have a followup EP of creatine enhanced dancehall, featuring MIA, Busy Signal and, why not, a remix from … read more »

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Premiere: Skerritt Bwoy’s Daggering Instructional Video

This video won’t make it to Saturday morning cartoons anytime soon, but if we had spent our youths waking up to Skerritt Bwoy drill-sergeanting us like he does in Daggering 101, our moms would have … read more »

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Thom Yorke & Atoms For Peace Cover Joy Division

Specifically “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. At Oakland’s Fox Theater last night. The audio/visual quality is a little iffy but one can’t help but notice that they’re totally locked-in in a way the other 7,623 … read more »

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Thom Yorke Debuts New Song at Atoms For Peace Show

More on the show later, but for now this remarkably high quality clip of Yorke debuting an untitled new song alone on electric guitar. It’s funny: sometimes within the context of Radiohead and all its … read more »

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Thom Yorke's Supergroup = Atoms For Peace

From our squirrelly, lead-singing friend: hey everyone ok so in April the other band.. that i got together to do the eraser and other stuff u know .. Mauro, Flea, Me, Joey and Nigel is … read more »

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Thom Yorke Crushed My Dreams, Says Peter Gabriel (Almost)

Remember when everyone thought that Peter Gabriel was just your kindly, hip-to-the-beat grandpa that you could name-check at will and shower with indie praise? Well, he’s through with you now! You know, if you’re Thom … read more »

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Thom Yorke Guests on Flying Lotus' Forthcoming Album, Imbues It With Avatar-like Qualities

Steven Ellison, a.k.a. futuristic beatmaker Flying Lotus, has already made quite a name for himself with his brand of psychedelic instrumental hip-hop, best showcased on 2008′s stunning Los Angeles. But getting Radiohead front man Thom … read more »

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Thom Yorke Writes Three New Songs for Tibet Documentary, Bono Pissed He Didn't Think of That One

As he spent seven years spent perfecting his documentary When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun, which focuses on the ongoing difficulties facing the Free Tibet movement, director Dirk Simon also managed to recruit an all-star … read more »

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Thom Yorke Protests UK's Nuclear Development Via Blog

“well done fellas. you’ve really thought about this haven’t you? read more »

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