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Freak Scene: Tim Hecker’s Sleep Music

The year that I lived in a ground floor apartment on Grand Street in Brooklyn was not the best. The apartment, while new, was flimsy. My bedroom sprouted black mold from a leak in the … read more »

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Striking a Chord: Eight New Musicians Look at the Wide Influence of Philip Glass

TYONDAI BRAXTON: Figures like Philip Glass helped to tie classical culture to the modern age. The connection he made was profound and helped usher in a new way of looking at music of hundreds of … read more »

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Stream: Tim Hecker, “Sketch 5″

Whenever Tim Hecker releases new music onto the internet to be a part of the blogging hamster wheel, it always feels a little weird. Like maybe it doesn’t quite belong in rotation with much else … read more »

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Sam’s Pop Montreal Diary: Part 2

At the top of an old building near downtown, there were occasional Pop Montreal hosted panels. Because I missed Grimes due to hanging out with all of Canada at the Arcade Fire show, I made … read more »

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Tim Hecker Piano Drop

Video: Tim Hecker, “The Piano Drop”

Not that we’re going to make a habit of posting fan videos, but this one is a special occasion. Ambient heartstring tugger Tim Hecker will soon release his latest album Ravedeath, 1972 on Kranky. It’s … read more »

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Tim Hecker Rave Death

Tim Hecker, “Hatred of Music I” MP3

Recently, our creative director was designing something and IMing us that he was listening to Tim Hecker while doing it. What followed was a long, painful series of messages about what that could potentially mean … read more »

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Tim Hecker, “Apondalifa” MP3

Tim Hecker, how are you gonna do us like that! “Apondalifa” in its original form is nearly nine minutes long and so intense that it feels like some kind of spiritual journey. Below is the … read more »

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