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Exclusive Premiere – These United States "Honor Amongst Thieves"

Words and video by Sarahana Editorial Disclaimer: Tripwire contributor Sarahana filmed and edited this video, which is why we felt it most appropriate for her to set it up. In 2008, These United States released … read more »

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Insound Re-Issues Out-Of-Print Ramones And Replacement 7", More To Come

Our favorite online music store, Insound made a great announcement today. The indie music retailer has said that they will be bringing back out-of-print, post-punk and indie 7″ singles for users to purchase, and what better way to kick off the new initiative than to have The Ramones, California Sun EP, and The Replacements, I’ll Be You, as the two premiere re-issues? read more »

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Alaska In Winter, which began as the project of Brandon Bethancourt, who fled the warmth of New Mexico to a remote Alaskan cabin to escape the trappings of everyday life. The product of this time resulted in Dance Party In The Balkans. But this is the sophomore release and mountainous terrain and frigid weather are no longer our soundscape; instead, Holiday soundtracks the Berlin haus-muzik scene. Yet, this album feels like an odd fusion of the two: the drive of German-electro and the sunless depression of Alaska. read more »

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Video: M.I.A. + Blaqstarr, “Way Down in the Hole”

Since we heard that M.I.A. and Blaqstarr were doing a Baltimore-influenced cover of “Way Down in the Hole,” the opening theme from The Wire, we were a little skeptical. After hearing the original blast out … read more »

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We Hear Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits Covers Album But Can’t Write About How It Sounds

Yesterday at Joe’s Pub we heard Scarlett Johansson’s new album of Tom Waits covers produced by Dave Sitek. We aren’t allowed to talk about it yet, so here’s some stuff we witnessed people doing while … read more »

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