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ABT040 TOPS LP-Jacket 11183 v2

Tops Announces Second Album; Stream “Way to Be Loved”

FADER PREMIERE When I first heard Tender Opposites, the 2012 debut album from Montreal four-piece Tops, I remember low-key flipping out over their crystal-clear production style and upfront, unprocessed vocals. They sounded worlds away from … read more »

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Listen to TOPS’ Heavy-Eyed B-Side, “Sleeptalker”

A few weeks ago, Montreal’s TOPS gave news of a new 7-inch and shared a fun video for “Change of Heart.” The single’s drowsy B-side (premiered this morning on Stereogum) might be even be sweeter, … read more »

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TOPS change of heart

Montreal’s TOPS Are Back; Watch the Homemade “Change of Heart” Video

It’s been a couple years since Montreal four-piece TOPS released their great, sort-of overlooked debut Tender Opposites, a record full of intricate Lite Rock that makes you want to shimmy in a foggy club while … read more »


Stream Calvin Love’s Highway Transmissions Cassette

FADER PREMIERE Side A of Highway Transmissions, the new tape from Edmonton-based songwriter Calvin Love, was recorded live at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn during last year’s CMJ marathon. He played a tight set of off-kilter … read more »

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Stream: Paula, “Black Acura”

Before TOPS, the Montreal band’s David Carriere released a happily scuzzy solo LP as Paula. Originally a pay-what-you-want download via Arbutus, the album is out today on vinyl via Drag City imprint Ethereal Sequence. “Black … read more »

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Video: TOPS, “Turn Your Love Around”

While intricate rhythm work seems to be one of the distinguishing traits of Montreal’s TOPS, this video for “Turn Your Love Around” gets at the next-level result of that attention to detail: its ability to … read more »

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CMJourneyz Day 1: Indians, TOPS

We didn’t have enough pull to get our interns their own bunk-bed suite at Barclays Center, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with badges! While we’re holding it down at the … read more »

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Stream: TOPS, “Easy Friends”

Montreal’s TOPS is the rare indie rock band that relies more on limber fretwork and dedicated time-keeping than on the sort sleight of hand that can help cover up a lack thereof. Last year, Arbutus … read more »

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