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Tri Angle Artist WIFE on His Sensual Debut Album: “I’m not afraid to tell someone I’m vulnerable.”

The former black metal frontman reveals his gentler, yet more powerful, side There is nothing predictable about WIFE. Born James Kelly, he’s the former frontman of black metal band Altar of Plagues, and has a … read more »


Stream: WIFE, “Heart is a Far Light”

The level of intimacy WIFE summons up on record is almost too close for comfort. “Bodies” from Stoic, his 2012 debut EP on UK label Left Bank, set a tone with its raw texture, rhythmic … read more »

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Vessel, “Raven Banner” MP3

Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the start of a new year, but Vessel’s calmly schizophrenic “Raven Banner” sounds like a survey of the past year in electronic music—blending unsettling clicks and bubbles with … read more »

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Stream: Vessel, “Court Of Lions”

We can’t really pretend that Vessel’s “Court Of Lions”—which we are listening to for like the fifth time in a row this morning—is meant for this time of day. It’s a pretty intense piece of … read more »

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Stream: Holy Other, “Love Some1″

Here’s a new track by Holy Other, who has just announced his debut album on Tri Angle. It’s pretty dark. The song is often drumless, or framed by big hits, which gives it a freeform … read more »

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MoMA PS1′s Warm Up 2012 Lineup

Judging from MoMA PS1’s Warm Up lineup, we will once again be spending our summer Saturdays sweaty and stoked in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. This year we’ll be shaded (and the air will be … read more »

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Stream: Howse, “VBS”

Tri Angle Records has created a solid base, releasing music from hip-hop centric producers like Clams Casino and Evian Christ that happen to lurk in more ambient territory. The label’s newest artist, Howse, maintains that … read more »

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oOoOO f. Butterclock, “NoWayBack” MP3

Even though there’s already been an entire free Evian Christ mixtape today, the fun from Tri Angle records does not stop. Here’s the first single from oOoOO’s next release. Like his previous material, the track … read more »

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Stream: Andy Stott and The Haxan Cloak Remix Holy Other

Probably one of the bigger misconceptions about Holy Other is that he makes dark music. On the surface, that is what it is, but peel back a layer or two and it feels thick and … read more »

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Stream: Water Borders’ Album Harbored Mantras

If you’re looking to get weird this afternoon, you could do a whole lot worse than Water Borders’ debut full length Harbored Mantras, which is out basically now (10/11 in the US and 10/10 in … read more »

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