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Staff Selects Playlist: 3BallMTY Blow Up Tribal Guarachero

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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3Ball MTY, “Ritmo Alterado” MP3

3Ball MTY is teenaged tribal guarachero (indigenous Mexican and African sounds mixed with cumbia basslines) prodigy Erick Rincón and his two best-buddies, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto. Guarachero’s bananas fast but slow-feeling sound and its … read more »

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Video: 3Ball MTY, “Inténtalo (Me Prende)”

Last fall, in our FADER #69 feature on the tribal guarachero scene, producer/mentor Toy Selectah said this about Mexico’s newest dance music: “[It's] in the hands of the DJs producing it, the whole industry circle … read more »

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Stream: Spoek Mathambo f. Zaki Ibrahim, “Don’t Mean To Be Rude (Toadally Krossed Out 3ball Remix)”

This is FADER issue 69 in sonic manifestation, a combination of that issue’s cover story on Spoek Mathambo, and its feature on tribal guarachero, concocted by Mad Decent’s Toadally Krossed Out. And it sounds way … read more »

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Chico Sonido, Exclusive 3Ball Mix for FADER x Interview Outtakes

Chico Sonido is something of a silent godfather to the tribal guarachero scene. When he lived in Monterrey in the late ’90s, he absorbed the classic cumbias he heard everywhere in his neighborhood, La Campana, … read more »

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FEATURE: Tribal Guarachero: Mexican Teens & Aztec History

Erick Rincon is only 16 years old. Level-headed and soft-spoken, the teenager radiates preternatural calm as he and some of his friends fold into a tiny studio in the back of his parents’ Monterrey, Mexico … read more »

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Premiere: A.J. Holmes & the Hackney Empire f. Kastro, “Fraudian Slip (Erick Rincon’s Tribal Guarachero RMX)” MP3

As Eddie Stats wrote in Ghetto Palms a couple weeks ago, one of our favorite blogs, Ghetto Bassquake, is branching out into the record-making business, purveying the same type of adventurous, global-loving sounds we’ve come … read more »

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FADER x Fania: Willie Colón & Hector Lavoe, “Aguanile (Toy Selectah RMX)”

As previously announced, The FADER is embarking on a yearlong remix project with the legendary Latin label Fania, wherein we enlist some of our favorite musicians to reinterpret classics from their celebrated catalog. Today, we’re … read more »

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Premiere: The FADER Issue 69 Featuring Glasser and Spoek Mathambo

On stands soon (Unless your carrier breaks street date. Not mad.) is our fall fashion issue, featuring cover stories on Glasser and Spoek Mathambo, along with features on The Walkmen and a heavy look into … read more »

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Premiere: 3Ball MTY Crew’s FADER Mix

While many of us have been sunning ourselves, experiencing outdoor festivals and generally participating in the leisurely activities of summer, the 3Ball MTY crew has been heavy in the lab, brow-furrowed and cooking up new … read more »

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