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Live: I Survived Trinidad Carnival

SEVEN DAYS AT THE WEST INDIAN FESTIVAL OF FÊTES AND HARD-EARNED FUN My first memory of Trinidad Carnival was in 1993. My aunt, having just returned, told my sister and I about the history of … read more »

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F72: Behind the Scenes in Trinidad

For F72′s fashion story, Avifauna, our very own Mobolaji Dawodu and photographer Justin Maxon traveled to Trinidad. Among the lush abandoned fields, wild bamboo patches and old graveyards they captured local gyals in the flyiest … read more »

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Trinidad Carnival 2011 Roundup: This Is As Close As We Got

On this the last day of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, we can’t help but feel like we missed out on all the pageantry, booze, and bacchanal of 2011. Nonetheless we’re amped to see some … read more »

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Kes The Band, “Wotless” MP3

In West Indian culture the term wotless is usually ascribed to someone behaving in a manner that would bring shame and disgust to themselves, their family, or bystanders who are willing to join in with … read more »

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Benjai, “Wine To The Side” MP3

All over the world right now multi-generational shops of women are ordering feathers, sequins and spandex from China, preparing costumes for Karnaval/Carnaval/Carnival cruising season. In those sewing rooms they’re probably setting stitching pace against the … read more »

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Swappi, “Mi Nah Go Play” MP3

We can see Swappi becoming a slight obsession around here: not only does his Trini Carnival 2010 hit “Mi Nah Go Play” meld traditional soca rhythms with the accordion impulses of cumbia, but he added … read more »

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