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Preview Strut Records & Sofrito’s International Soundclash Compilation

It’s safe to say Strut Records and the UK collective known as Sofrito have cornered the market on don’t-be-worried-about-anything-ever music. The first time they collaborated was last year’s awesomely-titled Tropical Discotheque and now for summer … read more »

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Stream: Savage Skulls & Douster f. Robyn, “Bad Gal”

Swedish house dudes Savage Skulls and paleolithic Buenos Aires prankster Douster got together for the aspirationally titled Get Rich or High Tryin EP. None of it sounds like 50 Cent. Closer to the intruder alarm … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 111: Ghetto Bassquake / Hackney Empire / New Label / Exclusive Interview!

I’m not saying things didn’t happen in the last week or two. Oh, they happened. But I am going to forgo my usual “things happened” update to concentrate on the ripples of one particular stone … read more »

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Stream: Pocz and Pacheko, Zarbak EP

Poc and Pacheko are two Venezuelan producers whose tropical dance tracks have a distinct UK funky element that their label‘s calling “Caracas bass.” It’s accurate: title track “Zarbak”‘s high-speed throb is tweaked with a distinctly … read more »

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Stream: Kode 9, “You Don’t Wash”

They’re calling this “tropical dubstep”: Kode 9, you rascally devil. The Hyperdub honcho turned down his signature razor-coldness in lieu of some sun-steeped marimba, filling in the mean bass parts with a supernova synth blast. … read more »

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The FADER on East Village Radio Tonight from 6-8 PM: Los Rakas

Tonight on The FADER’s The Let Out, our weekly show on East Village Radio, special guests Los Rakas will be rolling through, all the way from Oakland via Panama, to play some of their amazing … read more »

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Amadou & Mariam, “Aritstiya (DJ Sabo RMX)” MP3

If you missed DJ Sabo ripping it up at our One Step Beyond party last Friday, here’s a taste of his style: kicky Latin dancefloor with a playful Afrobeat bite. Amadou and Mariam sound great … read more »

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Dutch Rhythm Combo f. Isa GT, “Alerta” MP3

Does Colombia have an equivalent to Nueva York’s ESG? If not, Isa GT (now residing in London) and Dutch Rhythm Combo might need to apply with this track’s minimal discofunk rhythms and cool-but-not-too-cool vocals. Isa … read more »

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Bomba Estereo, “Fuego (Pacha Massive Fiyah RMX)” MP3

Colombian electro-tropical ensemble Bomba Estereo had a sleeper hit in “Fuego” over the summer, a loping cumbia-like rhythm with spat-out vocals that sounded like they were coming from a repressed dragon gearing up to torch … read more »

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Daniela Mercury, “A Luz de Tieta (Igloo Kid & Discokillah Superflavor RMX)” MP3

Samba sensation Daniela Mercury gets the swampy tropical house treatment from fellow Brazilians Discokillah and Igloo Kid, her chorus from “A Luz de Tieta” sped up into a catchy little double-dutch chant. (Watch this video … read more »

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