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Stream: Little Jinder, “Keep on Dreaming (Deadboy Remix)”

Deadboy’s remix of Stockholm singer Little Jinder’s great single, “Keep on Dreaming,” takes flight two-and-a-half minutes in, when the piano that softens the bass-growling original, whose video is above, finally shows up. Unlike the original, … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Drop the Lime’s FabricLive Radio Mix MP3

The dark vlad of Trouble & Bass has kept himself a little busy in the darkest month. In addition to whipping up an official Fabriclive Mix (out now), which is sort of like the DJ/producer … read more »

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The Let Out: Trouble & Bass Anniversary Edition & NYC Party with Plastician and Bart BMore

Tonight on the Let Out, The FADER’s weekly show on East Village Radio, the studly night demons of Trouble & Bass will descend upon us to unleash their wicked wrath of awesome low-end, celebrating four … read more »

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Premiere: AC Slater f. Drop the Lime, “Calm Down Part 3: A New Beginning” MP3

Did AC Slater fall in love or get a massage or something? “Calm Down Part 3″ is the sound of the bassmaster swimming in the most serene waters of dubstep, a crazily textured pulse of … read more »

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Drop the Lime Has a New Rockabilly Band (Seriously)

You know, maybe it sounds weird, but we’ve always wondered about Drop the Lime‘s hairdo. His signature cute swoop of bangs skews pompadour, and there’s something a little hellion in his goth-leaning look—pointy toes, tight … read more »

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Video: 77Klash, “Asphalt Jungle”

Is this an old Boot Camp Clik video? 77Klash‘s got all the same ’90s Brooklyn elements for his anvil-heavy new dubstep joint: black hoodie, mean mug, ominous atmosphere, some dudes standing behind him, mood lighting, … read more »

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Video: Drop the Lime, “Sex Sax”

This awesome piece of work depicts exactly how we want our summer in New York to go, and it helps that it’s populated by a bunch of East Coast club staples and dudes we see … read more »

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Premiere: 77Klash, “Shadow of Death” MP3

We’ve seen 77Klash traverse a diverse handful of artistic periods: exploring dubstep and digital dancehall with Dutty Artz and Drop the Lime, acting as neonized MC for Major Lazer and toasting at hyperspeed with his … read more »

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Premiere: Supra1 f. Amy Douglas, “Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 RMX)” MP3

FADER fave L-Vis 1990 imbued Polish DJ/producer duo Supra1 with a little of his signature low-end punch, tethering their outre diva space-house single to a clamoring funky fencepost. It’s both an entirely different song and … read more »

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Premiere: Momma’s Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, “Party Rock” MP3

Momma’s Boy and Mixik the Cat are actually the same person—producer Mike Gnacadja—so the concept of one man doing a song versus himself might sound weird at first. But from moniker to moniker, he creates … read more »

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