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Para One f. Teki Latex, “Lean On Me”

Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, the French producer bka Para One, who first came to our attention producing for the French rappers TTC nearly a decade ago, has teamed again with the group’s lovable pioneer of “big … read more »

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Premiere: Brodinski, Best of Everything Mixtape MP3

So… French DJ/producer Brodinski was trying to decide what to put on his next mixtape when he had a minor freak-out, realizing he was presently obsessed with too much music to limit his wares. (Brodinski’s … read more »

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Video: Teki Latex, “Dinosaurs with Guns”

We think this video for Teki Latex‘s new single is supposed to be ominous, warning us of the imminent dinosaur resurrection and subsequent revenge on humanity for taking over their lost earth (and other planets, … read more »

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Teki Latex’s Big Man Swag

Lookbook.nu is the go-to spot for aspiring Sartorialist muses, where anyone can post daily photos of their style game. We’re pro-democracy, but frankly it’s a clusterfuck—who wants to see what everyone in the world is … read more »

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Video: Cuizinier f. Teki Latex, “The Good Guys”

Fireplaces, Lost clips, Official Tourist hoodies and nekkid girls dipped in paint: it must be the holidays. Cuizinier and Teki Latex do their best to avoid all sense for this video from Cuizi’s Pour Les … read more »

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Freeload: Cuizinier, “Quand Tu Maimes”

Remember when Cam’ron used to make music? Remember when you used to wonder what Juelz’s socks looked like? And what face cream Hell Rell preferred? Jim Jones did a guest column in The FADER. Those … read more »

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FADER 50: The New Club + Mad Decent Mix

Very few people outside of actual FADER staff have contributed as much, literally and figuratively, to our magazine and website as Philly-Floridian producer/impresario/globetrotter/DJ/good dude Diplo. From helping birth Hollertronix to penning stories for us to … read more »

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