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New Music Thursday – Twin Crystals

Yup, we did it. We were able to find two new Crystal bands in consecutive weeks. Last week it was the Euro-dance Kitsune product Crystal Fighters, this week it’s Vancouver’s psychedelic-punk-pioneers Twin Crystals. But don’t be scared off by the name. read more »

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Video: Twin Crystals, “Two Girls”

When we put up mp3 and audio for a couple Twin Crystals songs back in June, we compared “Two Girls” to the after-effects of a day at the beach (vision spots, sand in your crack, … read more »

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Audio/Freeload: Twin Crystals, “Two Girls” + “4 Years (Caroline)”

Have you ever gone to the beach and fallen asleep in the sun? When you wake up you feel all groggy and weird and confused and all you can see when you blink are giant … read more »

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