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Swizz Beatz is the CEO of Megaupload

Remember that “viral” Megaupload video a few weeks back, the one with a $3 million budget, where Kanye West and Lil Jon and Kim Kardashian bizarrely pledged allegiance to the file-sharing site’s “fast as hell” … read more »

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Somebody (Universal) Puts Lil' Wayne's Rock Album In The Corner (Again)

Was “Prom Queen” that bad? read more »

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The Dream is Living the Dream!

The Dream gets a “Fancy” new title…. No- not Mr. Milian. read more »

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Who Is Drake Really Signed To?

Recent comments about the break-out star’s record deal prompt inter-company controversy at Universal. read more »

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Shontelle Gets A Leg-Up With Veet

The next Bajan bombshell encouraged ladies to get dolled up during a captivating New York performance last night. read more »

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Universal Licenses Music To UK's 'People's Music Store'

Universal today became the first major label to sign a deal with People’s Music Store, a new London-based digital download service that will let fans market and “sell” their favorite tracks, earning credit toward additional track downloads. read more »

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Hulu Hot On YouTube's Back For Music Video Streaming

Poor YouTube. Everyone’s trying to cash in on your idea and they don’t even have the decency to keep you in the loop.
First it was Vevo, now the video sharing site might be getting some hardy competition from Hulu, who is in talks right now with major record labels to host music videos. read more »

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Universal & Google Make It Official: VEVO To Launch This Year

Not too long ago we warned you that this was coming: Universal and Google have officially announced the launch of VEVO, a music and video entertainment service set to launch this year. read more »

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Google Opens Pandora's Box In China – Free, Legal Downloads

Completely free, legal, high-quality downloads. It’s a pipe dream for American music fans. And until this week, it was for the rest of the world, too. Google, Inc., launched free downloads of licensed songs in China Monday, sharing their ad revenue with the labels and giving users access to the catalogs of Sony, Warner, EMI and Universal. read more »

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Universal And Google Team Up To Make Music Video Site, Clearly Don't Know About YouTube

A while back, we told you about a plan from some of the major labels to launch a Hulu-like music video web site as an alternative to the unthinkable pennance they were apparently earning for letting their artists’ videos air on YouTube. Now, as some of the majors renegotiate liscensing deals with YouTube (and others just flip out), Universal has partnered with the Google-owned operation to create its own UMG-artists-only online home for music videos. read more »

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