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Stream: SETH, “Cat in the Limo”

FADER PREMIERE “Cat in the Limo,” the second track from Gobby and James K’s new duo, SETH, sounds like a normal pop song for 1.5 seconds. The garbled bass thing that happens after that, and … read more »

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Video: SFV Acid, “As Is” (Part 1)

No idea what’ll happen in part two, but for now, here’s the San Fernando Valley’s own analog electronics wiz SFV Acid’s “As Is,” a downtempo, vaguely robotic track with warm pads of intermittent synth. The … read more »

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Stream Five Songs From Gobby’s Upcoming Album Above Ground

The first time I saw Gobby perform, he was playing drums with Hype Williams during their perplexing set at Unsound Festival New York. After what felt like an eternity of the same clipped sample being … read more »

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CMJourneyz Day 2: METZ, Mykki Blanco, ForteBowie, Zomby

We didn’t have enough pull to get our interns their own bunk-bed suite at Barclays Center, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with badges! While we’re holding it down at the … read more »

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Kuhrye-oo, “Give In (For the Fame) (Boody & Le1f Remix)” MP3

Canadian producer, Born Gold member and Grimes affiliate Kuhrye-oo’s “Give In (For the Fame)” single gets the remix treatment courtesy of regular collaborators Le1f and Boody, who weirden the song just a little more with … read more »

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Kuhrye-oo, “Give In (For the Fame)” MP3

Here’s a breezy and inviting track by Canadian producer Calvin McElroy bka Kuhrye-oo, formerly of the band Gobble Gobble and now of Born Gold. Set to a glitchy, rattling beat, “Give In (For the Fame)” … read more »

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Video: Arca, “Ass Swung Low”

Babies are rendered totally gross in this video for Arca’s lumbering “Ass Swung Low,” their sticky pouts gooped up and smudged around. The little one in the “Rock Star” tee at the end gets his … read more »

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Download Arca’s Stretch 1 EP

More new music from Arca! Who, since his last free release, has probably been listening to a lot of Massive Attack. It’s not that the music on Stretch 1 is overly indebted to the forefathers … read more »

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Download Arca’s Debut EP Baron Libre

It’s basically just a point of fact right now that it is impossible to turn around without bumping into someone who happens to make electronic music in his bedroom. The range of emotions we have … read more »

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Labels to Watch

Five record labels that are making their mark. The Sounds of Sweet Nothing Location: London, UK What: Ned Hodge quit his job at Rough Trade Records in 2009 with the intention of getting out of … read more »

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