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Guitar Hero: Van Halen Announced

Metallica and The Beatles have both been turned into video game heroes; and now it’s Van Halen’s turn to jump on the Guitar Hero wagon. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Van Halen "Beautiful Girls"

The impact and success of this commercial parody has done much to marginalize the overall Van Halen legend. It’s not solely responsible, of course; so much of that responsibility lies with the band itself. But there was a period where VH was The band, and The theme gong of The band needed to portray their voice, and no matter how many “Panamas” or “Jumps” followed, “Beautiful Girls” epitomizes The voice of The band. read more »

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Weeks Away From Album Release, Chickenfoot Sells Out All Nine Debut Shows

They announced their formation barely a month ago and their debut album doesn’t come out for another five weeks, but apparently the buzz around “supergroup” Chickenfoot is so great that they’ve managed to sell out all nine road-test shows they had planned for the month of May. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Arcade Fire "Black Mirror"

There’s no barrier separating you from the emotions and excitement of the Arcade Fire. Neon Bible gives a million of these kinds of emotional payoffs, but “Black Mirror” demonstrates them in the kind of way that tells you everything you’d ever want to know about the band, or hope to find. read more »

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