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Conspicuous Coupling: With Victory Press, All Is Fair in Love and Sportswear

From the magazine: ISSUE 92, June/July 2014 Before Jessica Humphrey and Jonathan Cammisa made it official as girlfriend and boyfriend, thrift store fashion brought them together: they met on the street of Brooklyn and geeked … read more »

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Shop Prime ’90s Vintage at the Victory Press Vault Sale Tomorrow

Jonathan Cammisa and Jessica Humphrey, the Brooklyn-based designers behind Victory Press, have always been effusive about the type of ’90s vintage that inspires their brand—they even sell some of their favorites on their killer online … read more »

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A Guide to Surviving Coachella

Coachella is a little more grueling that your average festival. For one, you’re in the desert where good weather in April means a temperature below 100, no sandstorms, and less than a 30 degree drop … read more »

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Victory Press Crowdsources Their Spring Collection

Even though they’re only three seasons into their careers as Victory Press, Jessica Humphrey and Jonathan Cammisa have already created a niche for themselves in NYC’s design world. The duo are creating some of the … read more »

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First Look: Victory Press’ Dreamy, Giddy Spring Collection

Drawing from postmodern art and classic silhouettes, Jonathan Cammisa and Jessica Humphrey, the creative duo behind Victory Press, continue to create their distinct brand of combining function and fashion for “inner-city outdoor wear.” Their latest … read more »

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Interview: Victory Press

VICTORY PRESS NAILS DOWN THE CONCEPT OF INNER CITY, OUTDOOR WEAR. Designers Jonathan Cammisa and Jessica Humprey made their menswear debut this fall under the name Victory Press, a line of colorful and tech-y anoraks, … read more »

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