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Stream The Babies’ Album Our House on the Hill

The weird thing about being in a band right now is you can record one song and then suddenly have all eyes on you at once. It’s made some band’s careers and destroyed others before … read more »

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Cold Showers, “Double Life” MP3

It’s not like The Cars’ “Double Life” is the most upbeat song ever, but it’s definitely more upbeat than this Cold Showers cover (which, it should be noted, features backing vocals from Vivian Girls‘ Katy … read more »

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Stream: The Babies, “Trouble”

Sometimes the word “pretty” is the only descriptor you can think of for a piece of music, a cheesy, five-cent word, maybe, but one that sums up the sweetest reasons for liking a song. The … read more »

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Video: Vivian Girls, “Take It As It Comes”

Vivian Girls’ video aesthetic for “Take It As It Comes” blends slack-jawed gum-smacking, side-ponytail, pink leopard-print bedspreads and kissing your Prince poster. The girls are talking to each other on landlines, giving each other love … read more »

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Video: Vivian Girls, “I Heard You Say”

About the only thing that could make the newest quiet storm of a song by Vivian Girls even bleaker is a video that unfolds like a California cult fantasy. Stuck in what seems like a … read more »

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Vivian Girls, “I Heard You Say” MP3

The pining on this song is rough. Plenty of Vivian Girls songs are unhappy, lots of heartbreak, lots of solitude, but this new one, from their forthcoming album Share The Joy, is bleak like there’s … read more »

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La Sera, “Never Come Around” MP3

Katy Goodman, Vivian Girls bassist and intrepid video game reporter, has just released a 7-inch for her new solo project, and it’s candy sweet with debutante harmonies and sunray guitars. Sounds like she’s been having … read more »

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Frankie Rose and The Outs Sang "You Can Make Me Feel Bad" On a Sidewalk

Though Frankie Rose was once a secret weapon to the likes of Crystal Stilts and Girls both Dum Dum and Vivian, respectively, her talents are secret no more. Rose is now fronting The Outs and … read more »

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A Tour of the Psychedelic Summer Exhibit at the RARE Gallery

It’s not often that we go to a gallery show and walk away with a purchased item. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that we’re not generally balling like that. Not that … read more »

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Listen: Frankie Rose and The Outs, "Little Brown Haired Girls"

Everywhere Frankie Rose skips, she leaves magic in her wake. A one-time drummer for Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls, Rose has creatively galvanized each of those bands in a way only she … read more »

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