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Shhh: Pye Corner Audio’s “Twisted Wire Pair” Was Inspired by Spy Rings

FADER PREMIERE Walls—the ambient techno duo responsible this mighty fine FADER Mix from all the way back in May—don’t just make music, they also peddle it via their own Kompakt sub-label, Ecstatic. The latest addition … read more »

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As ambient techno duo WALLS, Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia have long explored the possibilities of “wild frequencies” as they put it. It’s been a minute since their second album Coracle got us all hot … read more »

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Stream Sam Willis’ Album Winterval

For his debut release, Sam Willis (half of the duo Walls) fuses elements of analog techno and house with minimal ambient meditations. It’s dark and soothing—a perfect soundtrack for a perfect storm, or for the … read more »

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Video: Walls, “Into Our Midst”

Walls have whipped up this confection of a video for the sugar-high “Into Our Midst,” the album opener off last year’s Coracle LP, and the opening track for a the new “Into Our Midst” 12-inch … read more »

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Stream Walls’ Album Coracle

When our own Duncan Cooper described Walls’ “Sunporch” as “party ready,” I was like, YEAH RIGHT DUDE WHAT PARTY ARE YOU GOING TO? A HANGING OUT PARTY? And then I dumped an entire keg of … read more »

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Walls, “Raw Umber/Twilight” MP3

Walls are definitely the type of group whose songs should all be named after colors and gradations of light. It’s also funny that they couldn’t really choose which one best-suited “Raw Umber/Twilight.” If I were … read more »

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Walls, “Sunporch” (Holy Other Remix) MP3

You pretty much know what you’re going to get from Holy Other at this point, even when he’s remixing someone else, like he’s doing here for Walls. That’s not a bad thing though. There’ll probably … read more »

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Stream: Walls, “Sunporch”

London dance-ish duo Walls are back, which is nice. “Sunporch” is the first single from their upcoming second album Coracle (Kompakt, September 26th), and it feels more like a party-ready song than anything they’ve released, … read more »

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Snoretex, “Strange Aeons (Club Mix)” MP3

This morning on the F train a man was reading Us Magazine backwards, pausing at different pictures before tearing them out and throwing them on the ground, which is a solidly weird thing to do. … read more »

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Snoretex, “Strange Aeons” + “Gygax” MP3s

We write sooo much. It’s mostly joke emails and bullshit gchat, but a lot of words come out. Sometimes we turn up the Lethal Bizzle, leave caps lock on and type a million words a … read more »

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