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Walter Van Beirendonck’s White Suits and Dr. Seuss

We’ve been eyeing the men’s shows going on in Paris, but Walter Van Beirendonck is the first to shock us and stop us in our tracks—not because of how crazy the designs are, but because … read more »

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Walter Van Beirendonck and Erwin Wurm’s Art Film

Walter Van Beirendonck balances the artistic and the fashionable in every collection he designs, but in a new film with sculptor Erwin Wurm, the Antwerp madman is clearly getting some things off of his more … read more »


Trend Report: Face Masks

Not sure what designers think we have to hide, but with yesterday’s Rick Owens show (pictured above) as final confirmation, shrouding of the face behind a mask or an oversized hat or too many scarves … read more »

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Walter Van Beirendonck’s Spring Head Trip

Viewing Walter Van Beirendonck’s far-out collections, it’s often hard to know where his head is at, but his spring looks are especially mysterious and veiled. Covering model’s faces with wooden masks made his recent runway … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Walter Van Beirendonck

Just this week, we published a conversation with Walter Van Beirendonck from our most recent issue. He spoke to us quite sweetly about the weirdness of his designs and his subversion of bodily ideals. But … read more »

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Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream Believer

Fashion’s best freak show still loves his job. This year, Belgium’s MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp will launch a retrospective exhibition spanning Walter Van Beirendonck’s spectacular, strange career. Van Beirendonck—who became notorious a few decades ago … read more »

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Five Halloween-Inspired Fashions

Halloween is the time of year to dress up in all kinds of wild getups, but some of the most creative designers have costumes on the brain all year round. Check out five designers that … read more »

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SHOWStudio Interviews Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck is so special to us that a video of him reading the phonebook would be compelling as long as we could hear the clack of his giant rings and fantasize about his … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: New Online Linda Farrow Shop

Linda Farrow is often credited as the designer who made sunglasses fashion, elevating the accessory’s functional SPF status to new style-centric heights back in the early 1970s. Forward-thinking sunglass devotees like Yoko Ono were the … read more »

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Ear Muffs are the New Fitteds

Somehow, in the shuffle of new menswear streaming in from Paris, we almost overlooked Walter Van Bierondonck‘s madcap statement for fall 2010 last week. The Belgian designer is famous for his tongue-in-cheek designs (look no … read more »

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