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Warner Music Group Tries to “Moneyball” the Music Game with Shazam

Big data business strategies continue to creep into the music industry. Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that Lyor Cohen’s company 300 will help Twitter Music mine their vast amounts of data for … read more »

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Universal And Google Team Up To Make Music Video Site, Clearly Don't Know About YouTube

A while back, we told you about a plan from some of the major labels to launch a Hulu-like music video web site as an alternative to the unthinkable pennance they were apparently earning for letting their artists’ videos air on YouTube. Now, as some of the majors renegotiate liscensing deals with YouTube (and others just flip out), Universal has partnered with the Google-owned operation to create its own UMG-artists-only online home for music videos. read more »

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The YouTube Saga Continues; Users Strike Back

And so the battle continues. YouTube members are striking back at Warner Music Group‘s recent decision to strip the free, video-sharing site of any music that violates WMG’s copyright policies. Users have made a valiant attempt at defaming WMG’s decision; posting swarms of ‘protest’ videos bashing the entertainment corporation, in hopes of reviving their right to ‘creative expression’ on the web. read more »

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Labels vs. Fun Part II: WMG Pulls Videos From Artists' Channels

After we did some bitching yesterday about major labels joining together to further milk money from consumers who actually like watching and sharing music videos, things got a little juicier when we were tipped off to some potential shady business. read more »

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