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For Frances Bean Cobain, 2010 is Already Better than 2009

Frances Bean Cobain didn’t exactly finish out the last decade with a smile on her face. Four years after Courtney Love regained custody of Frances Bean following an alleged 2003 Oxycontin overdose, Courtney lost custody … read more »

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The White and Nerdy Stripes

According to Weird Al, Charles Nelson Reilly is the new Chuck Norris. read more »

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Exclusive Premiere – MC Lars Featuring Paul Gilbert And Parry Gripp "Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn't Make You Slash)"

Like MC Lars, we have a soft spot for pop-punk and Weird Al Yankovic. So it only makes sense that we would premiere his new video for the song “Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero … read more »

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