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Four of Prada’s Best Fashion Films

Yesterday, Prada released the new short movie above directed by Wes Anderson in honor of their fall collection, but everyone knows by now that they’ve got the fashion film game pretty well figured out. Their … read more »

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Interview: Roman Coppola on Moonrise Kingdom

This month, director Wes Anderson released Moonrise Kingdom, his seventh feature film. It was co-written with Roman Coppola, who also co-wrote The Darjeeling Limited, Coppola being Francis Ford’s son and the guy responsible for The … read more »

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Wes Anderson Has A New Movie With No Visible Foxes, Fantastic Or Otherwise

Remember that weird point where everyone was like, YEAH WE GET IT WES ANDERSON, and then he was like, ALRIGHT FINE, and he made The Fantastic Mr. Fox and everything felt okay again? Well, now … read more »


Food Thyme With Rosemary: A Very Wes Anderson Dinner Party

We like Wes Anderson as much as the next film school freshman, but a few select New Yorkers took their admiration to the next level at a catered dinner party inspired¬† by his filmography.¬† Flannery … read more »

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United Bamboo’s Gets Bratty For Spring

It might not be that noticeable unless you’ve spent a day poring over glossy manicured lookbooks, but United Bamboo‘s spring collection is styled just a bit more unkempt than is common for press shots. This … read more »

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Corduroy Lovers Reunite

We heard through the grapevine, aka We Are The Market, that members of The Corduroy Appreciation Club would be holding another one of their clandestine meetings this week. The gatherings are obviously bi-annual affairs, since … read more »

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This Just In: College Students Love Wes Anderson

Enough to make a trailer for a fake film festival dedicated to him, but not enough for an actual film festival. read more »

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