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Stream: Cass McCombs, “If You Loved Me Before…”

Cass McCombs is a master of taking rock-bottom emotions and wrapping them up in beautiful melodies and luminous production. But he also has this way of throwing something subtly grating in the mix—like a drum … read more »

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Video: Highlife, “Moon in My Eyes”

You know how in the intro for PeeWee’s Playhouse it’s like a whole claymation jungle and at the top of it all is The Playhouse, rising from the clay palm trees like some temple to … read more »

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Stream: New High Life Music

High Life, aka Sleepy Doug Shaw of White Magic , has returned with more than just a single song of African-tinged, British-born, hippie-raised freewheeling. His voice sounds like hot chocolate. Despite the too thick international … read more »

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White Magic in New York City

The return! We have been waiting since late summer of last year when Mira Billotte played solo for our dormant Piano Recital series on FADER TV. We hope she plays the jam from the video … read more »

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FADER TV: Piano Recital With Mira Billotte Of White Magic

We’re trying to slowly transition back to our regular selves and get back to work, so here is our first attempt. A few weeks ago, we sat two feet away from Mira Bilotte when she … read more »

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