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Call Him Professor: Wayne Coyne Goes Back To College

You might want to refer to him as Professor Coyne from now on, because the Flaming Lips frontman is getting back to the classroom basics this August. The now veteran musician will be teaching music to students at the University of Central Oklahoma, as part of a new music program set up for the college. At least he has the hair to fit the part of the nutty professor. read more »

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Wayne Coyne Waves The White Flag In Battle Of Indie Egos

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has waved the white flag in the battle of indie-egos. As we told you back in March, Coyne had dissed the Arcade Fire pretty badly in an interview with Rolling Stone, fueling Arcade Fire’s Win Butler to verbally strike back. Now, Coyne has apologized for his words in Rolling Stone, and said the statement he made was misunderstood. read more »

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The Flaming Lips Added To Pitchfork Music Festival

This years Pitchfork Music Festival‘s headliners have been confirmed for a few weeks, and now The Flaming Lips have been added onto the stellar roster of performers, and are set to close out the three-day Chicago festival in July. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Arcade Fire "Black Mirror"

There’s no barrier separating you from the emotions and excitement of the Arcade Fire. Neon Bible gives a million of these kinds of emotional payoffs, but “Black Mirror” demonstrates them in the kind of way that tells you everything you’d ever want to know about the band, or hope to find. read more »

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Wayne Coyne Vs. Win Butler; The Battle Of Overrated Indie Rockers Rages On

Sigh. This is what it’s come to? It’s one thing for Rolling Stone to drop a quote in an interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips dissing Win Butler and The Arcade Fire for being pompous (doesn’t seem that hard to believe, does it?). But for them to run a headline in their “Smoking Section” that blasts, “Exclusive: Wayne Coyne Tears Apart Arcade Fire!” is quite another. Now the music-world is abuzz with the two iconic front men exchanging verbal blows through the media. read more »

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