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Remix YACHT’s New Album

Presumably the idea behind releasing these YACHT instrumentals is to give enterprising young boys and girls the basic tools for success in the lucrative and promising music industry. We’re already there, so we’re just jumping … read more »

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Video: YACHT, “Psychic City (Voodoo City)”

Our people Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans bka YACHT sure have stepped it up a giant metaphysical notch with their new video. According to the accompanying blog post on YACHT’s website, the duo were inspired … read more »

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Glasser – "Learn" (YACHT Remix)

Keeping in the vein of posting songs we really like just for the sake of it, here is a YACHT remix of Glasser’s “Learn”. read more »


Audio: YACHT, “Waste of Time” (Fabulous Stains cover)

We are kind of, how you say, obsessed with the movie Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, which chronicled an all-girl teen punk band trying to do something authentic and worthwhile. We saw it on … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Glasser, “Learn” (YACHT Remix) + More Glasser

Glasser is a young Californian who has been able to record via Garage Band for a year before now releasing her first 12-inch of bluesy dream pop on True Panther. “Apply” is a gritty number … read more »

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YACHT Gets High-Tech With Holographic Cover For See Mystery Lights

In 2009, we demand more from our albums. An album needs to do more than play music. It needs to, say, come equipped with a holographic cover to keep us entertained for hours and hours! The lovely Jona and Claire of Yacht have answered our prayers and unveiled the artwork for their forthcoming LP See Mystery Lights. read more »


YACHT Announce New Tour Dates

Time to add one more electrifyingly fun band to the list of must-sees for the spring. The energetically, beat-tastic band YACHT, recently announced new details for their upcoming tour, which is slated to start in Perth, Australia on March 1. read more »

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Flame War: Dan Really Likes Tapeheads

An intensely informative response from reader Dan to our posting of the new YACHT video: Are you fucking kidding me? A Gus Van Sant-like shot for shot remake of the scene from Tapeheads where eager-to-please … read more »

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Video: YACHT, “Summer Song”

It’s officially official: FADER faves YACHT, aka the electro twerky dude and dudette most likely to jump on your couch during a live performance, have teamed up with DFA for this interminable new disco single … read more »

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Freeload: YACHT Remixes Stereolab And Ratatat

You know what sucks about blogs? They don’t let you post yourself to another place. Take Jona Bechtolt aka YACHT, for instance. He is probably the most visionary blogger we know (dude was jamming out … read more »

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