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“Taking Arizona Iced Tea and Making It Cry”: An Interview with Yung Lean and the Sad Boys

The Swedish hip-hop crew on starting a movement, American culture and making fans have puppy eyes Sad Boys, the Stockholm hip-hop crew led by 17-year-old, AutoTune-throated rapper Yung Lean, is full of enough beguiling contradictions … read more »

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Social Anxiety: Yung Lean, the Sad Boys and the Evolution of the Outsider Stance

Like Odd Future before them, Swedish rap crew Sad Boys has built a cult fan base. But what they’re selling is bafflingly familiar. In her bi-weekly column, Social Anxiety, Emilie Friedlander peeks underneath the artifacts … read more »

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Yung Lean Shares “Yoshi City” Video; Sad Boys to Tour North America

The video for Yung Lean’s “Yoshi City” feels like a glossy, big-budget Sad Boys production compared to the dial-up, Windows 95 quality of his other videos. Here, the Swedish teenager and hip-hop chain-rattler hangs around … read more »

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Yung Lean Re-releases Official Merch Through VFILES

Musicians’ merch is the new all-over print, or something like that—Drake, Kanye, Young Thug and now rap game curio Yung Lean. Today, VFILES brought the Swedish sad boy’s plain white long-sleeve tee to the states, … read more »

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Swedish Rapper Yung Lean Talks Gold, Phones in “Motorola”

FADER PREMIERE Stockholm-based rapper and Sad Boys crew leader Yung Lean isn’t doing much in this DJ Ferrari-directed video for “Motorola.” He’s hanging out among the outdoor columns and neo-classical sculptures of the Millesgården, the … read more »

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Producers to Watch

From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 In FADER’s annual Now Issue, we get up close and personal with the artists setting the tone for the next year. We looked at record labels, models, … read more »

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Download Yung Lean’s Unknown Death 2002 Mixtape

After calling Swedish teen rapper Yung Lean “mesmerizing” in a post two months ago, some guy tweeted me repeatedly, saying: “MESMERIZING? DO YOU KNOW WHAT MESMERIZING MEANS?! I CAN’T BELIEVE SOMEBODY OK’D THESE 3 VIDS … read more »

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