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Wavves Releases New Old Songs With Zach Hill, Mishka Simpsons T-Shirt

It’s no secret that Nathan Williams teamed up with Zach Hill to record an entire Wavves album that we’ve mostly never heard. But the songs we did hear—especially “Cool Jumpers”—were great, if overly busy. It … read more »

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Marnie Stern, “For Ash” MP3

We always wondered what it would take to tame Zach Hill’s drumming, and it turns out it was just Marnie Stern playing the guitar in the same way he plays the drums: lots of technical … read more »

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Watch Zach Hill's "The Sacto Smile" Featuring No Age

The last we heard from Zach Hill, he had broken a hand and was taking a step back from his drumwork behind Nathan Willliams in Wavves. He’s since healed, Williams has a new rhythm section … read more »

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Premiere: Chll Pll, “Pass Out” MP3

UPDATE: Just kidding, that song was actually “Now Then and When.” It’s a jam, so get the record. Check out the real “Pass Out.” It sounds like a regular band got trapped in a Lisa … read more »

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Video: Wavves Live at Santos Party House

One of the best things about the Wavves live show has always been watching Nathan Williams stumble through live versions of his music with the same I-don’t-give-a-fuck-but-actually-secretly-do-or-else-you-wouldn’t-be-listening-to-this attitude that exists in the margins of his … read more »

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Chll Pll, “Dick Moves” MP3

Yesterday a CD came in the mail with blood red lava spit from the earth like a wave on the cover. Embossed in huge silver font is “ten rips by chll pll.” We were happy … read more »

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Wavves, “Cool Jumper” MP3

Of course we are into this! Nathan Williams bka Wavves has been in the mag twice and writes a video game column called Sweaty Hands for this very site. Here he’s joined by Zach Hill, … read more »

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Download New Tera Melos Covers EP For Free + Tour

Roseville, California math-rock trio Tera Melos have been quiet these past few months while they were busy searching for a new drummer. Not to mention Nick Reinhart’s much talked about side project with Zach Hill. Turns out they were just planning a few more surprises. read more »

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Video/Freeload: Zach Hill, “Dark Art”

On the 4th of July we totally expected loudspeaker crescendos and many layers of cymbal clashes and some oohs and ahh’s, but all we got were those pitiful little yellow “pfffft” things that climb halfway … read more »

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