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Konami Code Sweaty Hands: Resident Evil 5

For our new blog, Konami Code Sweaty Hands, Nathan Williams aka Wavves reviews the latest video games for PS3, XBOX360 and whatever other consoles he can get his hands on. In this installment: Resident Evil … read more »

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MGMT Abuses Baby For "Kids"!

Who’s brain is this video more damaging to? Ours or the little dude who stars in it? read more »

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Freeload: The Tough Alliance, “Hung Up on a Dream” (Zombies cover)

The dream we are presently hung up on is being in Tulum, Mexico, drinking tequila out of a coconut and exploring Mayan ruins, not only because we are D-Y-I-N-G for the unpredictability of spring to … read more »

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