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Tokyo Shoegazers LLLL Announce Debut LP for Zoom Lens with “You”

FADER PREMIERE Been on a major Zoom Lens kick lately—the California-based label was featured last week in Adam Harper’s essay on new digital DIY labels, then co-founder Meishi Smile hooked us up with snapshots of … read more »

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01 Shibuya

Tour Diary: Meishi Smile Goes to Japan

Interview and tour snaps with Zoom Lens’ Meishi Smile In Adam Harper’s recent System Focus column about net labels, Zoom Lens co-founder Garrett Yim said, “The first release was packaged in a clear DVD case … read more »

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System Focus: Inside 1080p, Zoom Lens & the New Digital DIY Labels

Adam Harper discovers a new form of DIY musical culture that is as sociable as ever In his monthly column System Focus, The FADER’s favorite underground music critic Adam Harper stares deep into the internet’s … read more »

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Stream: Yoshino Yoshikawa f. Yuzusa, “Yumetatsu”

FADER PREMIERE I wrote about Yoshino Yoshikawa last year during a fit of obsession over Japanese juke and its various mutations; now, the Hachiōji producer makes his debut with a North American label, with the … read more »

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Stream: Meishi Smile, “Pale”

FADER PREMIERE In a few weeks, Southern California’s leading interpreter of shoegazed J-pop Meishi Smile will release Lust, his debut album. The first single, “Pale,” bounces like a kid in Epcot, or like me listening … read more »

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