Iced Out

March 09, 2005

Last night's I Am Kloot/Apostle of Hustle/Stars show at the Merc was proof that indie kids will brave a 29 degree drop in temperature, blustery winds from the Northeast and sheer ice out on the sidewalks (folks, someone bailed out right in front of us. Arts & Crafts legal department, are you listening?) for some good ole twinkle pop.

We missed I Am Kloot so we'll just skip that and talk about Apostle's Andrew Whiteman and the fact that he was wearing a pair of pinstriped brown suit pants and his bassist was wearing a pinstriped brown suit jacket. Coincidence or Statement Of Band Unity Through Fashion? We don't know. Whiteman has perfected the soul 'stached (No. Really.) hip swizzle, which was awfully satisfying in a darkly sexual sort of way. Also there was some late-set flamenco dancing which had the fearless cheesiness of, like, a Carnival cruise boat docked at Cabo San Lucas, i.e. it was amazing.

Stars were great and sounded like Stars but there were no castanets or anything so we left early.

Posted: March 09, 2005
Iced Out