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Go Go Go Go Go Go

March 24, 2005

One of our left coast editors had been hollering about the Go! Team for months, and after getting our first taste of them live towards the tail end of our last night in Texas, we peeped game again at the Canal Room this past evening. After two sold out shows in Manhattan and BK, the Go crew were riding high when they took the stage for a short set that managed to cop a few notes from the Stone Roses, '80s two-tone and um, the Spice Girls.

The band teetered on being a bit too instructive at times ("all the girls go 'uh uh!', all the guys go 'awoo awoo!") but hey, it was miserable outside, so the good cheer was welcomed-the crowd even got into a stadium rock-ish side to side arm wave by the time they dropped their single "Ladyflash". Props to our boy Dave P for driving up in the snow from Illadelph and throwing the show. Double props for dropping Amerie's "One Thing" right after the band's set. After that, all the boys were saying "wa!" and yes, the girls were saying "wa wa!"

Posted: March 24, 2005
Go Go Go Go Go Go