March 28, 2005

In the issue of Rolling Stone with the mighty Hunter Thompson on the cover (the best RS we've seen in a minute thanks to the mah-ha-ha-ssive feature on the good doctor), there's a news story by Bill Werde called "Rock Radio No Longer Rolling". Although the idea is basically "rock radio is pretty much fucked," there's a subjective undertone to the story which tacks on "...and that sucks for all of us."

But really, it's good that rock radio is going down the shitter. Beyond the very rockist notion that floundering stations should be preserved just because they play rock & roll, there's also the very flawed idea that thanks to the Killers and Franz and such, rock radio was just starting to get good again. Give us all a fucking break.

Hearing "Take Me Out" four or five times a day wasn't making radio good. What's really a shame is that all these stations hopped around on one leg while hip-hop and even reggaeton chased them around with scythes—the sooner they die, the sooner we'll all have to quit settling for too little and start attending to the development of various alternatives.

Maybe we can use the internet to build our own legal version of London's pirate radio network. Maybe XFM an'em will be everything their promoters are promising. Maybe M Ward's Transistor Radio is all we need. Who knows? But the closer we are to ground zero, the clearer our vision of the future will be.

In other words, rock radio is dead—long live rock radio!

Posted: March 28, 2005