New Jack Swing

April 04, 2005

"Technical difficulties are not the pimp shit - fortunately, we are."

Once their skipping intro CD was taken care of, Miss Fairchild hit the stage at Sin-E for the band's first ever NYC show. With Cambridge DJ and MP3 terrorist P. Nice on turntables and saxophone, Christian Finnegan-doppleganger Great Dunlap on flute and banter, and the oddly endearing Wrall Skillz handling falsetto frontman duties, the three dudes (and a mannequin) threw down almost an hour worth of their own take on the past decade or two of pop r&b.

Saturday's set sometimes got a little too ironic for it's own good (as you might expect from three dudes who dress up funny and perform BBD songs onstage), but at least it was a sincere irony; Miss Fairchild were obviously loving it, and their energy and enthusiasm eventually won the crowd over. We still wish they'd be a smidge more serious, ditch the afros and leisure suits and become the Maroon 5 it's okay to like, but any kids who'll cover Jeff Buckley - at Sin-E of all places - while throwing some Mary J in the mix can get a pass in our book.

Posted: April 04, 2005
New Jack Swing