FADER Takes Chicago: Part Two

April 13, 2005

Or, Part Deux, as the Sheens are wont to put it.

On Saturday, we figured that - since we were in town with all these records - it would be dope to throw a party somewhere. Or better yet, bumrush the decks at someone elses party and make their get-together that much funner. After some calls, we ended up at the buddY space on Milwaukee. We didn't know it was the buddY space - our man was just like "this dude is throwing a party in his loft", but when said dude answered the door and turned out to be Lumpen editor Rotten Milk, we knew shit was about to be real, real on.

That night a bunch of bands played (including a solo acoustic set by K Records honcho Calvin Johnson) then we took over for a dance party afterwards. Although it wasn't exactly the ideal set to kickoff a twisted-ass night on the road, we've still got nuff respect for Calvin's baritoned and prickly sad songs for dirty lovers - we spent like a year in college trying to figure out how the hell Beat Happening happened. Later on, as the crowd dwindled, we kicked it with The Muffin Lady, Seven and Coo Coo Cal himself, who was wearing a Live Strong bracelet that said "Libraries Matter" and wondering aloud how he could customize it to say "Library Matters" and make his PubLib access really O-Fish-E-Al.

We played a lot of stuff there wasn't time to get to at the Pitchfork battle: electropunk dance music ("Hounds Of Love" remix, holler!), Miami bass, lovers' rock and even some Os Mutantes to close out the night. Great end to a great trip.

Posted: April 13, 2005
FADER Takes Chicago: Part Two