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The Show-Me State

April 20, 2005

Last night in Columbia, Missouri, the kids were bustling to The Blue Note about to see some phenomenon they kept calling the Feery Furnaces. Eleanor, Matt, Toshi and Andy rawked the small theatre so hard they left crop circles all over the unsuspecting town, while we celebrated MO's rational state smoking regs by puffing a whole pack of cigs that only cost as much as a mixed drink ($3.50, suckas).

Afterwards, some young gents who hitched from Herrin, Illinois to follow the band for four gigs took dance tips from our covergirl; after finding out the dudes were all under 21, she suggested that she buy them some Coke (to drink, natch). Fiery Furnaces are for the children!

Eleanor had something cool to show us, too: a Simpsons-style caricature of our covergirl...obscuring a breathtaking shot of a cricket stadium, lovingly crafted by Joel Morales of FF tourmates Dios Malos.

The Show-Me State