April 26, 2005

"Don't be a groupie, keep it moving shawty - you don't know me!" Well put, Tip. We've been saying that!

"U Don't Know Me" is but one of the Southern rap blamblammers that bubbled for months on end only to just now hit complete radio and MTV saturation ("Some Cut", holler!) yet there's a certain something about the video that puts it on top.

Maybe it's Ben Mor's subtle fisheye aesthetic (and his starry light filters during the club scene), or the homeless dude yelling at people, or when the little kids start rapping - all of which have been done to death in rap vids, but are excecuted so perfectly in this one. Either way, we've been playing it over and over and over and over again on QuickTime all morning.

(NB: this endorsement in no way suggests any editorial side-taking in the allegedly-squashed TI/Lil Flip beef. In the spirit of fairness, it must be said that we laughed out loud during Whut It Dew 2 when Flip alludes to TI weighing 80 pounds, and how if he wore Flip's bracelet in a pool, he'd probably drown.)

Posted: April 26, 2005