Rockin On The Radio

April 26, 2005

The Baltimore mixtapes we usually check for are of the Chris J or Rod Lee club music variety, but when we were last down in the home of the Terrapins we heard about a young cat named DJ Radio, who was getting his shine on with hip-hop joints.

Next scene, Radio is an honorary member of the Streetsweepers and wins the “Rookie Of The Year” prize at the Justo Mixtape Awards. He's done themed collections with both G-Unit AND the D-Block crews (Radio, get your Jimmy Carter peacekeeper mission on!), but his latest mix is the R&B jump Smooth Criminal - it features new tracks from R Kelly, 112 and even the RJD2 remix of Tweet's “Turn The Lights Off”.

It's the perfect soundtrack now that the sun is shining and the Shake Shack is officially open. (UPDATE: I guess we kind of jinxed the weather with this post. Today it's raining and it sucks. Go listen to Brian Eno instead.)

Posted: April 26, 2005
Rockin On The Radio