The Artist Currently Known As Prince

May 02, 2005

We weren't particularly into the last Handsome Boy record, or the satire-hop of Politics Of The Business, so everyone was a little skeptical when Prince Paul's latest disc Itstrumental got thrown on the stere-ere-o.

The Law And Order skits were fine, and the Popmaster Fabel tribute was enjoyable, but it wasn't until Track 12's "The Boston Top" that we were completely sold: a shockingly accurate dancehall reggae spoof about...buying donuts. "The white man give me Boston Creme..." Multiple iTunes rewinds ensued. "Go down to the corner store, seen?"

Check Paul Thursday at the Knit's Tap Bar. Free admission, giveaways, $3 Brooklyn lagers...and donuts?

Posted: May 02, 2005
The Artist Currently Known As Prince