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Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

May 04, 2005

Was that Prefuse joint just the tip of the indie iceberg for Mr. Starks? Sure looks that way when Ghostface gets down with forward-thinking Cali label Sound In Color for his new single, "Milk 'Em" - featuring five different versions by producers Ricci Rucker, Exile, Strange Fruit, MHE, and Benny Cassette.

Cynics might suggest that Iron Man is really just milking (yuk yuk) a devoted underground fanbase as much as possible - but we're of the mindset that Ghost just likes to get down with good, weird music any way he can. Pick up the new 12" at the Sound In Color webstore (they take PayPal!) or any other fine vinyl retailers.

Posted: May 04, 2005
Arm Leg Leg Arm Head