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Sith Set, Sith Set, Sith Set, Whut! (Owww!)

May 05, 2005

People have been lining up for the NYC Episode III premiere for a while now, they're in for more than just the flick this Friday.

NYC graphic designers/beatheads Bill McMullen and Morgan Phillips ("Billions McMillions" and "the Sucklord", respectively) will be DJing at...the Star Wars line.

For a couple hours in front of the Ziegfield theatre this Friday, the two will be doing their trademark dusty sample/classic hip-hop breakbeat routines (with tons of Star Wars snippets thrown in for good measure) before the sold-out screening. The best SW dance party since the days of Max Rebo?

We'll be extra busy with FADER Radio from 6-8pm that evening (with special guest DJ Cosmo Baker - Mark Ronson's EVR show debuts right after us that night, too.) But rest assured, our Kellogg's Saberspoons will be lit in spirit.

Posted: May 05, 2005
Sith Set, Sith Set, Sith Set, Whut! (Owww!)