Extra Hooky

May 06, 2005

Some gigs are more like parties - it doesn't always happen in Gotham, but when a unit like New Order roll in from Manchesta' for the first time in an ice age or two and bang out "Love Vigilantes" as their opening salvo it is indeed ON. Every ex-lonely goth (holler!), every jumped up West Side pantry boy, and anyone who once danced their legs down to their knees in cold rural bedrooms packed in to the Hammerstein last night to worship at the feet of Peter Hook.

Our kid is looking more like a mechanic from Greenpoint than an icy popstar these days, but his mournful, slate gray bass lines were fat and in your face like you'd hope they would be. Barney Sumner's oddly endearing yelps? Check. Portly white dude dance moves? Check. Singing on key? Nope. Total class? Yep. And when dudes launched into "Regret" third or fourth in the set, every chair in the house sang their life - four minutes all about the anxiousness of an Upstate youth, indie discos, punk girls named Nicole, green Soviet trenchcoats...roll on Salford!

(Check NO on Jimmy Kimmel performing new single "Krafty" and Joy Division classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart" here.)

Posted: May 06, 2005
Extra Hooky