Welcome To Richmond

May 10, 2005

Most folks won't catch the significance of Richmond's the Frontline dropping their new album today - 5/10. But MCs Left and Locksmith are used to that sort of thing.

FADER readers might remember the duo from our Yay Area feature back in F27, but the rest of the country is still sleeping on them, along with the rest of Northern Cali's new hip-hop. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Minimalist, 808-heavy club joints like "Bang It" are tailor-made to bump with the likes of the Neptunes or Jonathan Smith.

There's no way of telling whether or not the E-A-Ski produced Now U Know will do anything to change the mass snoozing, but now that it's out, at least we can say we told you so.

Posted: May 10, 2005
Welcome To Richmond