Dark & Stormy

May 24, 2005

We weren't expecting Bright Eyes' five-day Digital Ash residency at Webster Hall here in New York to rival the Wide Awake stint at Town Hall, but damned if it didn't, what with all the drummers and Nick Zinner in the back shadows with his mind on his money rather than Conor's spotlight.

On Sunday night we were told that we were a better crowd than the Saturday night folks, presumably because nobody was shouting out requests for "Lua". As Mr Eyes put it, "You can leave now if you want to hear any of that folk music bullshit because it ain't gonna happen."

(So much for our "Poison Oak" request from the balcony...)

Conor did all his usual performative drinking and falling down and stumbling around. There were a number of beers, a smaller number of which he kicked over. There was some sort of red concoction which may have been this new liquor product he's peddling called Tear Juice. To be really honest, we're still not sure if dude just gets that bent every night or if he just knows how to ack like it. But either way, it's a wild show made even wilder by the general feeling that Conor might fall off the top of his Fender Rhodes and onto the squealing girls below at any moment.

If this damn intraweb thing were a bit more advanced we'd put up some sort of techno applause-o-meter to see whether y'all prefer the digital tweakings or the country stylings, but we're not there yet so, for now, that "folk music bullshit" reigns supreme.

If you haven't caught any of the shows, act fast - Bright Eyes are at Webster Hall tonight and tomorrow, then the good ship Oberst sails upwards and onwards.

Posted: May 24, 2005
Dark & Stormy