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May 26, 2005

Tomorrow night the Line C3 Percussion Group plays a program of new music at the Tenri Cultural Institute. Line C3 is one of a grip of young, New York-based ensembles trying to appeal to more than just their fellow Juilliard grads, and so far so good.

As far as the bill for tomorrow night goes, we're not familiar with Stuart Saunders Smith or Carl Schimmel, but we know and love Steve Reich's "Drumming Part 1" and the mighty Nico Muhly's "Ta And Clap". Muhly is a young composer who works with Philip Glass, Antony (of Johnsons fame), and Björk, and his compositions (like his writing on Joanna Newsom) have the best sense of humor of any music we're fuckin with. Also, last time we went to see Muhly's stuff played at Tenri, bourbon and gingers were three bucks. Grease up people!

Friday, 8pm

Tenri Cultural Institute

43A W. 13th Street btw 5th & 6th


Posted: May 26, 2005
Notes On Pages