Burger Time

June 07, 2005

MediaPost is "not sure what to make" of ye olde FADER mag.

We're fine with that, since a backhanded compliment is still a compliment ("...there aren't too many publications treading in the waters of underground culture that can pull off what FADER does. I suppose that counts for something, no?")

Thing is, dude seems real, real hung up on the fact that there were - GASP! - Burger King ads and John Mayer quotes alongside pieces on reggaeton and indie bands and all the other stuff that makes our mag what it is.

Larry seems to have missed the point that the FADER reader/editor is someone who is ok with hearing the occasional John Mayer record while eating an Enormous Omlette Sandwich (trust, those things are ENORMOUS), yet is just as likely to listen to Charlie Poole records while swilling Tego-endorsed Hennessy. It's one big, lovely, diverse crossmarketed world. We're just living in it.

Posted: June 07, 2005
Burger Time