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Vidiot Savants

June 07, 2005

Our Tivo was getting clogged up with BBC America's I'm Alan Partridge and reruns of Lost, so we had to flush out the system. It broke a little piece of our heart to delete all those episodes of Adult Swim's brilliantly droll Home Movies that we had been hoarding like chipmunks bracing for a long, unfunny winter - but it was either that or erase the Price Is Right where our friend Ali loses on the Showcase Showdown.

In all honesty, we made the sacrifice with the knowledge that Shout Factory has just released a DVD collection of the complete second season of Home Movies - which features the classic “History” episode - mercifully keeping our fingers away from the remote control's dreaded Live TV button for at least one more day.

Posted: June 07, 2005
Vidiot Savants