Feet First

June 21, 2005

Our love of fine footwear is no secret whatsoever , so you KNOW we'll be staying up late to check the first episode of It's The Shoes when it airs on ESPN2 tonight - well, tomorrow morning - at 2:30am, as part of their Block Party programming.

The show, hosted by iconic sneakerhead, DJ, and streetballer Bobbito Garcia, features athletes and artists from AI to LeBron to Spike Lee talking about their kicks, and promises lots of surprises. But whatever, we're just in it for the long, lingering shots of sweet, sweet sneaks.

(Don't worry if you miss out tonight, it's going to air again on Saturday, June 25th at 12 noon. And if you're digging the first episode, be sure to let ESPN know!)

Posted: June 21, 2005
Feet First