Found In Translation

June 21, 2005

We generally spend our office hours running around the place and playing practical jokes on each other but then every once in a while someone rings the “Welcome To The Rest Of Humanity, Assholes” Bell (kind of like a regular alarm but more piercing) and snaps us out of our self-satisfied stupor.

Today said bell was ringing when we found out about the launch of Mid East Wire, a new website that translates much of the press from the Arabic world.

While there are more than 500 Arabic and Farsi media outlets reporting daily on current events, very few of us over here (or, uhm, in the CIA) can read the articles; Mid East Wire bridges that gulf and brings headline stories to us in our mother tongue. For free! So get up on it - no more excuses, people.

Posted: June 21, 2005
Found In Translation