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Folksy Folks

June 22, 2005

We dropped by that weirdo cinema café spot on East 11th between A and 1st better known as Rififi last night to check out an acoustic sampler that included Zeke Healy (who you may or may not remember from countryfolked indie band the Boggs), our man Hisham Bharoocha of Soft Circle (performing alongside Panda Bear cohort/collaborator Rusty Santos) and perennial favorites Damon and Alexander McMahon from Inouk.

We aren’t gonna lie and say that we didn’t get a little drowsy by 1 AM (blame it on the pork tacos!) but we aren’t gonna lie and tell you that it wasn’t pretty awesome. Ok yeah that’s a lot of double negatives but basically, the drill is this: much love to Zeke and Hisham but crazered-out kudos go to those McMahon bros. We’re not finna blow up anyone’s spot here, but some big things are in the works, people. Big things.

Posted: June 22, 2005
Folksy Folks