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June 22, 2005

Remember when you had that friend who made dope T-shirts in school, and you were all gonna start up a business, and it was going to be great, and you were going to get rich one shirt at a time? All those idealistic late nights spent silk-screening in old jeans with that Isley Brothers tape pumping out of the paint-splattered boombox in the background after breaking into the art department's supply closet?

Then, um, you graduated, and somebody lost the stencils, and, like, you had to grow up?

On that tip, we recently caught up with Sangeetha Kowsik, who founded Closeknit Clothing after “guys asked about her self-made T-shirts” in college.

Taking the hint, she got her hustle on, unleashing skate-influenced T-shirts and hoodies on the world…because remember when there was a shortage of that type of stuff? No, neither do we. Whatever, cool designs are cool designs, and hustle is hustle. Showing props-worthy grit, Closeknit's looking to sponsor skaters: as of now, the team only numbers one, but it's a self-professed “skate rat” fourteen year-old by the name of Kyle O'Neill, so that's a good start. (Also, the FADER skate team numbers zero, so we really shouldnt talk.) As for how to join, Ms. Kowsik says she's been, “spending weekends in Tompkins Park trying to recruit more skaters.” Work on your kick-flips, kids.

Early August sees the release of Closeknit's Summer 05 line, as well as a line of “beater tank tops” for the ladies, appropriately entitled Closeknit Girl. Keep an eye out for the threads.

Posted: June 22, 2005
Sew Focused